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  • David woodard

    Dr. Barnes performed tricep surgery on my left arm on December 14 and estimated that it would take several months to heal. after the surgery, I completed eight weeks of physical therapy that he suggested now five months later I’m back to 100% with no pain at all. I was very pleased with the way he...
  • Self Verified Patient

    Very caring Doctor and Staff made me feel comfortable thanks to everyone
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  • Self Verified Patient

    Dr Barnes was kind, personable, & listened to my concerns. He was very through with his orthopedic assessment & has a great technique when I received my steroid injection. I didn't hurt! I'll definitely keep Dr Barnes for any other orthopedic issues if needed in the future.
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  • Self Verified Patient

    Everyone was awesome. Dr. Barnes took his time and really worked through the situation with me, explaining what he believed was going in and offering treatment options that he thought could work but offering his opinion on what he thought would be the best choice to start with.
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  • Self Verified Patient

    I was very pleased!!! Thanks
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  • Self Verified Patient

    Dr. Barnes is a great Professional and cares about his practice and patient.
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  • Self Verified Patient

    Just meeting the doc he had good bedside manner and explained what his plan was. That was helpful
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  • Self Verified Patient

    He & his PA listened carefully to my symptoms & listed options of care. I appreciated their thoroughness & professional attitude.
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  • Self Verified Patient

    Dr. Barnes is wonderful. Very kind and understanding. Willing to include us in the decision making.
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  • Self Verified Patient

    I really liked Dr Barnes, so kind and considerate and so knowledgeable about my problem! He spent just enough time with me so I could understand what was happening!
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